Grappa di Chianti Classico

When the grapes for our Chianti Classico wine has finished fermentation and is pressed off the skin, and the scent of new wine fills the cellars, the marc is removed from the tanks. Still fresh and redolent of fresh-made wine, it goes immediately to the distillery which distills these steams. Among the various lots, all produced at low temperatures in an alambic still, “the grappa master” Maurizio selects only the best, called the “heart”, to produce our Grappa di Chianti Classico. The distillery use double vacuum system.

Intense, rich bouquet; assertive yet well-balanced, mirroring the wine whose pomace produced them.

Grappa produced annually: 1,000 bottles Serving temperature : 15°C – 59 °F Alcohol volume: 42%