Tenuta Del Palagio Wines

Tenuta del Palagio has been producing wines for over 200 years. The name “Castello Il Palagio” represents our more prestigious brand. We have about 100 hectares of land, 25 of which are vineyards. Our winery produces fifteen different wines and 80% of our production is Chianti Classico. Our vineyards are on hills, mainly with an exposition towards southwest on a calcareous land rich in albarese and marl, 300 meters above see level.

We use traditional methods of cultivation, paying attention to the new enological techniques. Our vineyards are in the small micro zone of Campòli, in the municipality of San Casciano Val di Pesa, the same zone where some of the most famous Italian wines in the world are produced. That is only to make you understand that the area is a very suitable one for the production of quality wines. But the good position of the vineyards is of course not enough to produce quality wines. An accurate work in the fields and in the cellar has to be done, so it is very important that the workers, the oenologist, the agronomist and the cellar man work together in harmony.

We produce about 1000 hectolitres per year (about 130,000 bottles); you can tell that we are not a very big winery. We try to use a minimum quantity of chemicals in the fields, and even if we don’t produce organic wines (also because knowledge in this field has not developed enough to enable people to produce high quality wines), we use very few antiparasitics and we try, as much as possible, to reduce the use of those methods aimed to increase the preservation of the wine, for example by using a minimum quantity of sulphur dioxide. Maybe you will be surprised to find a winery, which, on the web, reveals so clearly some of his methods, which could also be a little bit inconvenient, without praising its own wines.

We would like to explain you why. The wine that we produce is the same wine that our personnel and we drink. Big wineries usually don’t have the same care that smaller wineries have for their wines.

Our old customers are our best testimonials for this. In fact every year we sell all the wine we produce, even if this year we have decided to leave a small part of it to sell through the Internet. Specialized magazines write about us, given that we are not used to take part to those elitist circles, which are the rage of this period.